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Introducing SwiftKnot, your ticket to hassle-free and enjoyable boat docking. Designed for simplicity and ease, SwiftKnot is the ultimate marine companion, making docking a breeze for everyone, regardless of boating expertise.

Say goodbye to the challenges of tying cleat knots—SwiftKnot's patented design revolutionizes the docking experience. No longer is docking reserved for boat captains; now, the entire family can effortlessly contribute.

The SwiftKnot advantage lies in its straightforward process. Just take the end of the rope, thread it through hole number one, effortlessly emerging from hole number two. Pull a bit of slack, insert it back into hole number three, and voilà—an expertly crafted loop encircles the cleat. It's that simple. 

SwiftKnot Mini Key Features:

  • Dimensions: Length 4.7", Diameter 2.7", Weight 4oz.
  • UV Resistant, Waterproof Foam for durability.
  • Multipurpose: Also serves as a foam "football" for beach days or tailgates.
  • Ideal for 3/8" x 15' to 1/2" x 25' dock lines.

SwiftKnot Large Key Features:

  • Dimensions: Length 6.5", Diameter 3.8", Weight 9.1oz.
  • UV Resistant, Waterproof Foam for lasting performance.
  • Multipurpose: Also serves as a foam "football" for spontaneous fun.
  • Ideal for 3/8" x 15' to 3/4" x 35' dock lines.


Upgrade your docking experience with SwiftKnot, where simplicity meets reliability. Whether you choose the MINI or LARGE, enjoy stress-free docking for boats of various sizes. Shop now and transform your boating adventures with SwiftKnot.

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