Well….this is going to require us to be really honest with you!  Our original product, SwiftKnot, was born out of observation (and several cocktails) at some of our favorite boat-up bars in Texas, the Gulf Coast, and the Caribbean. I am sure you’ve had the same experience of relaxing on a patio, overlooking the docks, and watching boats come and go like ants in and out of a huge ant pile.  Then, out of nowhere, there is “that guy” that comes in “UNDER PIER PRESSURE”: stressed out, sweating, screaming at all of the kids,yelling orders at his spouse, throwing ropes and fenders everywhere, bouncing off the pilings….just hoping that he can squeeze into that one spot without looking like an idiot. Ultimately, he just wants to be done with this part of the day so he can enjoy a cold drink on the patio and NOT be the one that everyone is watching!!

No sooner than this family sits down at their table and orders fried pickles and onion rings, they look out over the water to notice that their boat is floating in the middle of the marina with no one aboard to help bring it back to safety.  The knots that were tied didn’t hold…mainly because they weren’t cleat knots at all!   News Flash: “old fashioned, wrap it around the cleat and hope it holds knots” should not be substituted in place of the cleat hitch knot to securely anchor your boat to the dock.

I wish we could say that this story was a hypothetical tale constructed in our minds after too many drinks or that it was embellished in ways to make it more dramatic and interesting, but this baby is 100% true….and we have had the privilege of watching this unfold more than once (maybe because we frequent too many of these types of bars!)

And that’s how SwiftKnot was born! We sat back for several years and watched this happen over and over.  Why was there not a solution for our fellow boaters that weren’t necessarily “docking experts”?  Now there is!


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