SwiftKnot was developed with the sole mission of relieving "PIER PRESSURE".

Let's be honest...many boaters are reluctant to admit they literally freak out and get anxious when its time to come in off the water.  

Tying up to the dock requires time, practice, and patience! Most of the time, the "captain" is the only one that knows how to tie a cleat hitch knot and they are busy driving the boat. The first mate, wife, kids, or friends are typically clueless.  All they want to do is chill out and enjoy the sun. That's when it happens... "Pier Pressure" sets in. Ordinary people start to panic inside, ropes start flying, F bombs are dropped, drinks are spilled, kids begin to cry and the day is ruined!

Well, SwiftKnot eliminates all that craziness and makes the actual jump from the boat to the dock the hardest part of successfully securing your boat!

Furthermore, our product makes the novice boater look cool.  If your entertaining friends, but don't want to look like an idiot tying a crappy knot, just use the SwiftKnot and be an instant pro.  It is a sexy solution that looks like it was put in place on purpose...not out of necessity, but because it just makes good sense!