Swift Kompany, the developer of SwiftKnot, was born in 2017 when we noticed there was not a brand dedicated to the lifestyle of the recreational boater.  SwiftKo, as we are sometimes called, has only one mission and that is to invent, share, and promote cool products designed to make the life of the recreational boater easy, fun, and more relaxing.  

We had to start somewhere and our SwiftKnot idea was the obvious choice.  We knew that it would be an awesome product, that is was super simple, and that if we brought it to market boaters would want it to make their lives easier.  So, after a few years, a few patents, a few headaches and a lot of long days we finally did it.  

SwiftKnot is now here and once we sell enough of these babies, then we have a few more cool things in our gear bag that we want to launch as well.  Everything has the recreational boater in mind because that is who we are!

Therefore, if water speaks to your soul, then embrace the Swift Kompany mission by hopping aboard and helping us bring exciting new and innovative products to you. After all water is a fundamental component of life and being on the water is the driving passion behind SwiftKo and our team.

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