Where it's used

  • One SwiftKnot is used on the Port or Starboard Bow line 

SwiftKnot Sizing Guidelines

  • Boats to 27’:  3/8” Dock Line & SwiftKnot Mini or Large

  • Boats 27’- 35’:  1/2” Dock Line & SwiftKnot Mini or Large

  • Boats 35’- 45’:  5/8” Dock Line & SwiftKnot Large

  • Boats 45’- 55’:  3/4” Dock Line & SwiftKnot Large


  • Designed for TEMPORARY or TRANSIENT docking only

  • Not meant for long term or overnight mooring

  • The above guidelines are only recommendations

  • SwiftKnot Mini should not be used for boats over 35'

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